Who I am?

My name is Melania Marcos

and my whole life is stuck to a microphone.

My name is Melania Marcos and I have been right next to a mike for all my life. I was seventeen years old when I began trying my luck at Vilassar station and Radio Nou Barris, both local stations in Catalonia. I combined my studies at the University of Barcelona with three years of training in speech and dub at Micro Obert School. In 1985 I joined Radio Onda Cero, where I had the opportunity to develop many dimensions of journalism and speech: informatives and programs mobile units, live news and news reports, hidden microphones, cultural programs, debates, discussions, scripts, speak corners… ¡Even experimental live radio theater!
I was the first woman to run Protagonistas Catalunya, replacing Fernando Rodríguez Madero. After living Barcelona92 Olympics from the inside, I quit radio and started on television.

At Antena3TV, where I worked from 1992 until 2002, I voiceovered shows like “Desperate Social Club”, “Cubic Centimeters” or “Impact TV”. At the same time, I worked as a reporter for “Impact TV”, “People’s Court”, “Tonight we cross the Mississippi” and ”Tonight, sex”. I consolidated my experience working with Pepe Navarro, Jesús Hermida, Mercedes Milá, Isabel Gemio…
A little tired of show business television, I resumed my dubbing studies at Metropolis School in Madrid and I soon was voiceovering important campaigns. And I haven’t done badly. I am fortunate to work continuously for:

L’Oréal, Garnier, Max Factor, Herbal Essence, Estée Lauder, Sisheido, BBVA, Endesa, Huyndai, Nintendo, Afflelou, Neutrogena, Burgo de Arias y un largo etc…

and many more.
Those who know me say that I have a versatile voice, but I think I just have a bad case of microphone addiction.
Long live communication!


Melania Marcos My name is Melania Marcos and my whole life is stuck in a microphone.

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